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Type Ethics Film 18+
Country France


Warning for naive people!this is a very adult movie. I had caught the first one so i rented this out of curiosity and because i think Lila Baumann is hot! The movies has a British feel in it though i seriously doubt whether the cast is British as some of them spoke a bad imitation of the accent. Connoisseurs of beautiful nude women will love this movie as good looking girls are aplenty. The movie features Vegas style shows with nude and semi nude girls in a joint in Paris. Our heroine joins such a show to make ends meet. I never knew producers of flicks like this could muster enough muscle to hire good costume designers and rent good sets like this. They seem to have spent a lot of money there and there are healthy doses of girl on girl action to keep the male viewers glued to screen. Overall its a good late night flick you can catch before bed or watch it with friends in the weekend.