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刘杰导演官方小站(欢迎关注):http://site.douban.com/107593/故事发生在一九九七年,中国的一个北方小城。邱武因为偷窃两辆汽车被一审判处死刑,这个案件的主审法官,田法官的女儿刚刚在一起车祸中丧生,而肇事车辆是一辆被盗的汽车。邱武试图通过捐献自己的一个肾脏来获得从轻判处的机会,而富商李总的绝症也将因为这个肾脏而得以治愈。但是,李总最终发现,唯一让他能够顺利得到肾脏的方式其实是在邱武被执行死刑之后。刑场上,田法官面临一个艰难的抉择……SYNOPSISThis story happened in 1997 in a small city in northern China.A criminal named Qiuwu was sentenced to death for stealing two cars. The lead Judge on this case, Judge Tian, had just lost his daughter in a tragic traffic accident – she was killed by a stolen car.Qiuwu tries to lighten his sentence by offering to donate one of his kidneys–creating a chance for a rich businessman named Lee to survive a terminal illness.Lee discovers that the only way to secure the kidney is after Qiuwu’s execution.On the execution ground, a hard decision awaits Judge Tian..