A Hidden Life – 秘密生活

A Hidden Life – 秘密生活

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Type Ethics Film 18+
Other names隐匿的生活
Year 2001


巴西女导演Suzana Amaral蛰伏16年后拍摄的第二部影片,她的上一部《星光时刻》(1985)曾获柏林电影节三项大奖,是经典的巴西女性电影杰作之一。她至今也只完成了这两部电影。Young girl, born and raised in an isolated farm, is brought to a small town to live with her cousins, her only relatives. Once in town, she encounters great difficulty adapting to city life.Biela is a timid country girl, who has always lived on a large but family-worked farm with her father, her only original family member. When the father dies, she moves to her cousin’s house in town, as he becomes her tutor and estate administrator. His wife (Eliane Giardini), genuinely warm and well-intentioned, attempts to help Biela adapt to the town’s social life, trying to transform the very rough country bumpkin into some resemblance of a city girl. But, Biela only feels at ease in the company of her element, the simple and rustic hired help. She even insists in taking her meals in the servant’s cantine, and enventually wants to move into the domestics’ sleeping quarters. Meanwhile, she meets Modesto, starting a very shy, somewhat forced relationship. But, the young man travels away and does not return, makinh Biela feel humiliated and miserable. One day, when she rescues a stray dog on the street, she finally starts to follow, and stick to, her own (“secret”) way of life.