A Neckless Beauty – 無頸美女

A Neckless Beauty – 無頸美女

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Type Ethics Film 18+
Country Korea


Lee Yong-min embarked on another tale of weird horror and mystery with A Neckless Beauty, this time presented in both anamorphic CinemaScope and vibrant Eastmancolor. Yong-min even brought back Lee Yea-chun and Do Kum-bong, two of his main cast members from his early film A Bloodthirsty Killer, most likely to hedge his bet for success. According to the brief plot synopsis on the Korean Movie Database, A Neckless Beauty takes place after World War 2, when Korea has been liberated from the regime of Imperial Japan. A group of men discover Japanese soldiers left behind a stash of gold bricks; greed, backstabbing and murder are the order of the day, until a mysterious woman arrives to put an end to this. Sounds like a strange tale indeed!