Kokki – Beguschij Doktor – Cocky – The Running Doctor – 科奇:狂奔的医生

Kokki – Beguschij Doktor – Cocky – The Running Doctor – 科奇:狂奔的医生

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Type Ethics Film 18+
Country Russia


不敢相信俄罗斯女导演也能拍这样的片子,极度女权主义者,对男人的憎恨和侮辱简直不亚于当年那部《FUCK ME!》,而这还是她的处女作,想必她一定有一个不堪回首的童年。。。:(The religious-ecstatic picture of “KOKKI – RUNNING [DOKTOR]”. Film is good already fact that in it the laughable scene is present: two slightly intoxicated peasants are measured by members, moreover that, in whom increasingly modest, it asserts in spite of the obvious that he has and is thicker, and [dlinnee]. [KOKKI] – the such female view, ingenious and original, on the man peace.SVETLANA BASKOVA is a female director and artist from Moscow. She works in the field of performance and painting. Her first film was “Kokki, the Running Doctor” (1998). She is a member of Supernova Film Association. Her ideas have been influenced by the situationism and the radical feminism. The protagonists of her films are mainly male characters degenerating in the course of the story to reach finally a state of brain absence in which their actions are dependent on elementary muscular contractions.